The MCTS Experience

S4 E02.0: September 2021

September 30, 2021 Mercer County Technical Schools Season 4 Episode 2
The MCTS Experience
S4 E02.0: September 2021
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This monthly episode is our welcome back to this exciting school year! We have our student of the week, our teacher tip, and our featured guest. Our fearless leaders, Mr. Orfe and Mr. Nash take us on this journey to learn more about Mercer County Technical Schools and have some fun along the way! Make sure to listen to us on Spotify, Google Play, and iTunes.

Opening: 00:00:00

Student of the Month: 00:06:06

Teacher Tip: 00:12:35

Featured Guest - The Newcomer Academy: 00:14:49

Outro: 00:25:12


Student of the Month
Teacher Tip
Featured Guest - The Newcomer Academy